Ready to move forward with your writing? Sometimes the fastest, easiest way to improve as a writer is to get a bit of coaching.  Here are a few samples of my developmental editing.

Editing Samples

Here's how the process works:

I give you written feedback on your work.
We start with up to 5000 words of your writing. I'll read it for plot development, character arcs, reader engagement, pacing, proofing - basically whatever is needed to move your work to its next step. I'll comment directly on your document so you can see clearly how to move forward.

We meet and go over the 5000 words via Discord, Zoom, or telephone.
We'll discuss in detail the feedback and the next steps.  These meetings are often quite dynamic, as core issues with your writing will inevitably pop up.  When they do, we'll go over the solutions that will advance your abilities as a writer.

Whether you're working on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, novellas, or novels, I'm happy to work with you. Packages are on the right, and you can reach out to me if you'd like standalone rates. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to work on a larger project.

Feedback on my coaching via writer's boards, groups, reddit, and discord:

"Thank you so much for this! This is really great information and can help me see a starting point."

"Thanks for this very detailed reply! Gives me lots to consider... !"

"Wow! You’ve given me the most helpful criticism I’ve ever received. Thank you so much! I really really appreciate you taking the time to write all this. I’m looking forward to see how it changes the flow of my story! Much thanks!"

"This is extremely detailed and really appreciated. This is always the feedback I want. I will take everything here in mind as I do my rewrites. Thanks a ton!"

"This is FANTASTIC advice! Thank you so so much!"

"Thank you so much for the in depth advice. I really appreciate it!"

"Thank you so much for this detailed advice! I will definitely consider trying these out and yes, seeing what works. Your Excel outline indicates you are my kind of systematic lol."

"Thank you so much! Your a life saver! I used yours as a skeleton , tweaked a few things and it fitted so perfectly..."

"Thanks so much for the great and honest feed back. All your comments about the story I posted make sense to me and I would not have seen the issues without you pointing them out. I also enjoyed your example, it made the point well."

"Wow. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to not only read my post / story, but for providing such a thorough analysis. I just sat down to write for the day, and I cannot wait to incorporate your callouts regarding character internals and the scattering of expensive words. Thank you for the encouragement, suggestions, and detailed examples."

"Thank you so much for checking it out!!! I really appreciate the feedback and will take all of it into account since I'll be making more like this in the future."

"This is very thorough and helpful. I had a feeling I was letting my sentences run on a bit. Thanks for taking the time!"

Just started reading through, thank you a million! Everything you said has been and will be super useful. Again, can't stress my gratitude, thank you again 🙂


Explore - $77.00

Immerse - $99.00

  • 3 Workshops
  • 1 on 1 with Pamela via Discord
    (Two 1 hour sessions)
  • Priority Written Feedback (10,000 words)
    Purchase Immerse Package

Infuse - $179.00

  • All workshops free
  • Weekly 1 on 1 with Pamela via Zoom (1 hour)
  • Priority Written Feedback (5,000 words per week)
  • Strategic Book Development
  • Creative Coaching
    Purchase Expand Package