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Glad you're here.

The ability to write well is as much about courage as it is about clarity. Stories, ideas, strategies, plans - they live in our minds, jostling for attention as we go about our daily lives. You'd think that once we step forward and start writing, it will get easier to sort out the wealth of ideas in our heads. Get them on paper and out into the world.

But it turns out that writing can be difficult. It's an art, a skill, a leap of faith, a way out, a flawless mirror.  It requires persistence, faith, discipline, focus, and courage. And when some, or all, of those things are not present, it requires community. Or at least a sounding board.

One of the best places to find community is in workshops.  And your peers and I are the sounding board.

Join me and your peers in workshops, events, and online.


"Pamela is your person. She and I have worked together remotely for seven years.  Without her, honestly, I am not sure where I would be today, personally and professionally. She is the side of my brain that I don't have. Over the seven years she has taught me so much about writing. Highly recommend Pamela as a consultant and teacher!"
Kimmie Kay

"Four years into my novel I got stuck. She came in, worked one on one with me, and now the book is done.  On top of that, I have interest from two different management companies and a publishing house."
Seth Forstren

"There's something about what she does. She gets me without trying to change me. I can't imagine a better person to work with. Highly recommend."
Karen Sorl

"It's like there's a completely different world of writing that I knew nothing about, and I've been writing for decades. She identified my core writing patterns and worked with me to strengthen the skills needed to balance my work."
Michael Ressent