With her intense vocals and signature harmonies, Pamela Zero creates and performs vocal driven music.
Singing since the age of four and composing since the age of 17, Pamela Zero has written and performed everything from free jazz to medieval chant.


Author of the Visitor Series, a Science Fiction trilogy, Pamela has developed an intricate world that asks compelling questions.  Engaging characters allow the reader to immerse themselves fully as they follow the lives of the Visitors, people pulled forward hundreds of thousands of years into the future.


"An etheric voice, intelligent lyrics, evocative & compelling."

"Great lyrics, beautiful performance... This draws me in the more I hear it."

"Each song is a little gem of melodic invention, creative arranging and vocal prowess. Simply beautiful."

"Wow. Absolutely did NOT expect that."

"There's a brilliant mix of ideas and emotion in this book.  It's completely addicting."

"I can see myself in Duck.  Actually, there's a bit of me in a lot of the characters.  Zero has made a reality that resonates with nearly everyone."